Brassworks Gallery
Event Calendar


January 14
Diego Corral - Destroy
John Sauer • Pretend Times

February 11
McMonster • All The Lonely People

March 11
Luciano Sanchez Solo Show
Candy • Chop Chop Lollipop
Gregory Hergert • Wharf Noir

April 8
PECA • While the Universe Expands
JL King • Second Nature
VR Rivera • The Body Fades. A Light Grows
Jeanne Steffan • Wonders
Candy • Slices

May 13
Thomas Gieseke • Monsters & Butterflies
Kalvin Panther • Vary Very

June 10
Dave Lebow Solo Show
Jesse Reno • Pay Attention To Your Shadow
CHAOTIC! Group Show

July 8
Special Guest Curator Glenn Barr

Paul Hydzik • Selective Vision

August 12
Josh Keyes • TRAUMA
Dave Calver • Redheads
Thomas Webb • 1960s Great & 70s Too

September 9
Birds Rising Group Show
Special Guest Curator Heiko Müller
Annie Owens Solo Show

October 14
Gregory Hergert • Blue Acid
Daniel DeLeon Solo Show
Melissa Monroe & Stephanie Brockway

November 11
Eric Wixon Solo Show
Joe Lastromirsky Solo Show
Nathalie Tierce Solo Show 

December 9
Art Now! Group Show
First Annual Postcard Show



January 13
Zak Gere 

Tom Skelly
Collage Group Show 

February 10
David Lawrence
Beautiful Mutants, Curated by Chris Breshears

March 9
Joe Vaux
Gil Cope

April 13
Glenn Barr Solo Show

May 11
Rick Prol Solo Show

June 8
Voxx Romana
RX Skulls

July 13
NOWADAYS Group Show, Curated Glenn Barr
Art Dorks 20th Anniversary Show

August 10
Carnival Fabulon: A "Geek Love" Exhibition

September 14
Skot Olsen
Syd Bee
Dio Sumagaysay, Guest Curator

October 12
Gregory Hergert Solo Show
Josh Keyes Solo Show

November 09
Glenn Barr
Dave Cooper

December 14
Art Now! Group Show

Second Annual Postcard Show



January 11 - TBD

February 8 - TBD

March 8- TBD

April 12- TBD

May 10- TBD

June 14- TBD

July 12- TBD

August 9- TBD

September 13- TBD

October 11- TBD

November 18- TBD

December 13- TBD